Tabletop Exercise

Tabletop exercises are designed to test security procedures and demonstrate the potential impact of a targeted cyberattack. Tabletop exercises are a strategic way to improve organizational awareness and readiness to respond by assessing inefficiencies and weaknesses in cybersecurity response capabilities.

Unit 42 Tabletop Exercises

Unit 42 tabletop exercises guide you through a targeted attack scenario, delivering:
  • A detailed and prioritized list of security gaps, risk factors and vulnerabilities

  • Security recommendations informed by real-world incident response best practices

  • Training, playbooks and educational materials to ensure incident preparedness


Tabletop Exercise Technical Expertise

We’re incident response experts

With years of experience handling incident response, our team has the expertise to help you prepare for the worst. Our tabletop exercises are based on firsthand knowledge and intel of how threat actors work, with effective scenarios tailored to analyze the most prevalent threats to your industry and organization.

Strategic methodology

Tabletop exercises are designed to mimic real cyberattack scenarios to determine how simulated actions and decisions align with, or diverge from, your organization’s documented processes. Our proven methodology and cybersecurity tabletop simulations will help bolster your strategic cyber defenses.


Tabletop exercises


Bolster your strategic cyber defenses

  • Test cyber incident response capabilities

  • Learn tactical insights to prevent and contain threats

  • Improve IR process and procedures

  • Ensure use of best practices