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Unit 42 Toolkit

Get the guides to help you assess, transform, and respond to the latest cyber threats.
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What You’ll Learn

Step into a dynamic cybersecurity toolkit tailored to conquer the ever-evolving threat landscape. Palo Alto Networks Unit 42® presents a trilogy of ebooks designed to empower you at every stage — your strategic allies in Assessing, Transforming, and Responding to cybersecurity challenges.

Unit 42 Buyers Toolkit Includes:

  • Assess: Unveiling Your Security Landscape
  • Transform: A Threat-Informed Approach
  • Respond: Mastering Threat Responses

Why Choose Palo Alto Networks Unit 42?

As Palo Alto Networks' renowned team, Unit 42 combines cutting-edge research, real-time threat analysis, and global insights to keep you steps ahead of evolving cyber threats. Trust the experts to secure your digital landscape with precision and proactive defense strategies.

Key Value Drivers

  • Expert Cybersecurity Insights
  • Innovative Threat Solutions
  • Real-Time Intelligence.


Assess the right threats

Gain a deep understanding of your security posture. Learn how to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and fortify your defenses against the threats most likely to target you. This is your guide to building a robust foundation, ensuring you're armed with the insights needed to face the ever-changing threat landscape head-on.


Don’t get stuck in a reactive vortex

Take a journey toward a proactive, threat-informed strategy. Discover how to turn knowledge into actionable insights. This resource is key to transforming your cybersecurity posture, adopting a proactive mindset, and staying ahead of potential threats.

Respond to Threats in Record Time

Improve your defenses moving forward

When threats strike, a swift and effective response is critical. This ebook equips you with the knowledge to orchestrate a precise and efficient response to any cybersecurity incident. Explore real-world scenarios, best practices, and expert insights to enhance incident response capabilities.