LimeWire Claims: We're #1!

Dec 26, 2007
1 minutes

ANALYSIS – This article highlights the fact that even with the negative publicity, the risk of lawsuit or loss of personal information, P2P applications remain extremely popular. The application is supposedly installed on 36.4% of all PCs -approximately 1.66 million desktops worldwide, making it the current leader in P2P market share. Interestingly, the article also points out that LimeWire is the target of an RIAA lawsuit, which is an ironic twist to the positive nature of the article. Hopefully, every user has taken care to configure the P2P application correctly to avoid distributing private data - or worse yet - corporate data. For enterprises, this statistic emphasizes the fact that they need to be diligent in their efforts to control the use of P2P on their network.

Click here to view the TMCnet article.

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