Getting the CISO a Seat

Jul 16, 2012
1 minutes

For those of you in the security industry for five years and more, you’ll remember the days when security was an afterthought. As security tadpoles, we had to fight for our fair share of the IT budget, and in many cases, security was deprioritized over some other initiative. That fight has evolved somewhat; in fact, we’re winning many more fights due to the recent high-profile, sophisticated breaches in the news. Now, security is getting more visibility, and there is a better understanding of the need for next-generation security solutions like next-generation firewalls in protecting your network.

The reality however, is that the battle for the fair share of the IT budget starts in the boardroom. Transitioning security from a culture of “no”, to a business-enabling function, where security awareness permeates every part of the organization is how we win. Today’s great CISOs aren’t just experts in security, they are experts at how security must be architected to support business needs. Check out this SecurityWeek article for this emerging breed of CISOs and how they are getting a seat at the table.


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