Firewall Expert Series: GlobalProtect

Aug 06, 2012
2 minutes

Firewall Expert Series: GlobalProtect

An interesting thing happened on the road to mobility. In the past, road warriors only needed a VPN connection in order to access corporate resources from time to time. It’s what VPNs were designed to do, namely to take the cost out of modem banks and toll free phone lines, and replace them with cheaper connections to an Internet Service Provider. The VPN provided a way for users to set up temporary remote access connections over public networks.

While VPN remote access remains a vital component of a mobility solution, it’s not the only requirement.  Times have changed, and today organizations are concerned about risks that employees are exposed to when off network as well. Users are often connecting from open public network connections that provide no protection whatsoever for the endpoint. In addition, the user may engage in activity (intentionally or accidentally) that could imperil the organization, the data and the endpoint, such as being tricked into visiting malicious websites or downloading malware.

What’s clear is that organizations need to provide more than just remote access to their mobile users. In order to address new requirements for mobility, there is a shift underway from the traditional remote access to “protected connectivity”.

Protected connectivity has three elements:

1)      Protect the Network Connection

2)      Protect the Network Traffic

3)      Enforce Consistent Security Policies

Palo Alto Networks holds ongoing 30 minute webinars to provide information about different elements of the next-generation firewall. This month, we’ll be taking a deeper look at how to use GlobalProtect for protected connectivity. Learn about how it works, and see a short demonstration from both the end-user and the administrator’s viewpoint.

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Guarding Mobile and Remote Users with GlobalProtect

August 9, 2012

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For more information about what GlobalProtect can do for you, visit /globalprotect

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