New Additions to the Technology Partner Program

Nov 14, 2012
2 minutes

The next-generation firewall is a critical part of the network infrastructure. But it’s not the only part, and there’s technology from a number of vendors that are also present in the enterprise. Palo Alto Networks works with a spectrum of technology vendors to provide integrated solutions for our customers. Today, we announced new members to the Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner Program.

There are several interesting themes about the announcements today. For example, in the mobility space, there’s strong interest in making sure that only right users are getting access. With today’s announcements, we are extending our authentication partnerships with RSA, SafeNet, and Swivel. These products provide multi-factor authentication and integrate with Palo Alto Networks in multiple ways. For instance, these solutions complement GlobalProtect for organizations who want to add authentication factors. In addition, these solutions can also strengthen the proof of identity for firewall administration, ensuring that only proper personnel have access to sensitive security functions.

There’s another aspect of mobility where our partner solutions complement the next-generation firewall. With the addition of Bradford Networks to the Technology Partner Program, information about users and non-corporate devices can be provided to the next-generation firewall, enriching the information available for policy enforcement.

Both RedSeal and Skybox Security are joining the Technology Partner Program for Network Security Configuration and Risk Management. As organizations deal with thousands of legacy firewall rules, one of the first steps they might want to take is to rationalize their ruleset and then ensure ongoing compliance to check for any gaps in coverage. These solutions provide the analytics to visualize, understand and manage the security policies across the network.

Our new partners with Network Monitoring and Availability include Lancope, Interface Masters and Garland Technologies. These partnerships provide the tools to enhance network traffic visibility and to maintain continuous operations in the event of unplanned downtime.

For more information about these partnerships, see the press release or check out the new solution briefs.

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