See How VM-Series Virtual Firewalls Pay for Themselves

Jul 10, 2024
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Read the Forrester Consulting Spotlight study commissioned by Palo Alto Networks to learn about a major component in our family of Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs): The VM-Series virtual firewall. You’ll discover how it provided significant return on investment (ROI) for a composite organization.

As we’ve announced in the TEI of Palo Alto Networks Software Firewalls, software firewalls (virtual, container and managed cloud service) provide cost savings and 163% ROI, over a period of three years. Read the spotlight study to understand how VM-Series plays its part.

The Palo Alto Networks VM-Series is a line of virtualized NGFWs designed to provide advanced threat prevention and network security in cloud and virtualized environments. VM-Series firewalls maintain uniform security policies and threat-prevention mechanisms, ensuring consistent security enforcement across the network. Standardizing these procedures reduces human error and simplifies policy management.

Forrester Consulting identified significant savings with Palo Alto Networks software firewalls like the VM-Series virtual firewall.
Forrester Consulting identified significant savings with Palo Alto Networks software firewalls like the VM-Series virtual firewall.

See How Significant Savings Were Achieved

Discover significant time and money savings, along with enhanced security efficacy, with Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtual firewall. Other benefits include: 

  • 67% reduction in end-user downtime and a 50% reduction in downtime length.
  • 50% reduction in the time required to attain security posture.
  • 50% reduction in remediation labor and automatic filtration of security incidents.
  • 35% savings in time dedicated to firewall security and management and 25% savings in firewall deployment.

According to a VM-Series customer interviewed for this study, Palo Alto Networks virtual firewalls enabled the organization to proactively defend against a wide range of cyberthreats by providing advanced threat detection and prevention mechanisms.

This interviewee further described several key ways VM-Series virtual firewalls helped their organization improve its security posture through policy standardization, threat enforcement, improved visibility from using VM-Series virtual firewalls with Panorama, time savings and hiring cost avoidance and cost savings. 

So regardless of whether your workloads, data and applications are in public clouds, hybrid clouds or private clouds, this short primer is a must-read for cloud and security professionals. Whatever the virtualized environment is that is vital to your organization’s competitiveness and innovation, our workhorse virtual firewall is an essential component in providing a composite organization a significant 163% return on investment (ROI) over three years. Read the Forrester Consulting Spotlight study and and register for a Forrester Consulting webinar to understand the part these virtualized next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) played in providing that composite organization $3.70 million in benefits over three years.

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