Spotlight On Ignite 2014: Next-Generation Security Innovation

Mar 13, 2014
3 minutes

Ignite 2014 is fast approaching, so today we’ll continue to highlight some of the great content and sessions that will be available to attendees in Las Vegas.

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(If you haven’t yet registered for Ignite, head here to do so while you still have a chance!)

The next-generation firewall is core to our security platform, and one of the marquee tracks at Ignite – Next-Generation Security Innovation – is intended to help you get everything you can out of your infrastructure. The Palo Alto Networks platform is currently in use by more than 16,000 customers worldwide, and many feature improvements come as a direct result of customer feedback.

We’re pleased to offer the following sessions to Ignite attendees:

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Next-generation Firewall: Nick Campagna, Palo Alto Networks director, product management, will examine all of the recent features added to the PAN-OS platform as well as discuss some things our engineers are thinking about for future improvements.
  • Best Practices for User-Based Policies: Martin Walter, Palo Alto Networks senior product manager, will cover all of the different ways to discover users in a network using the XML API to integrate with the network’s authentication points.
  • Using Custom App-IDs to Eliminate Unknown Traffic: Mike Jacobsen, Palo Alto Networks VP, product management, will explain how to create custom App-IDs to further reduce unknown traffic while improving security and control over the applications on your network.
  • SSL Decryption Policy Best Practices: Martin Walter will focus on SSL decryption and how it plays into your security platform.
  • Expanding Next-Generation Security to All Parts of the Business: Rich Corboy, Palo Alto Networks manager, systems engineering, will be joined by Tom Zawier and Jay Martin from ITT Corporation to talk about ITT’s selection of Palo Alto Networks, their migration process, their use of application whitelisting and what’s coming next. This session will include a “How To” for leaving port/service line of thinking behind and moving toward true application enablement. Attendees will be able to pose questions to Tom, Jay and Rich throughout the session.
  • Using Templates and Device Groups to Manage Your Firewalls: Jamie Fitz-Gerald, Palo Alto Networks product manager, will explain how to utilize core Panorama components to manage firewalls efficiently, as well as discuss the most effective practices for policy management.
  • PAN-OS Advanced Troubleshooting: This is the session for all you “what if” worriers! It’s midnight on a Friday and your firewall is acting up, so what are the best practices, tips and tricks to quickly accomplish different tasks in the UI, CLI and XML-API, as well as systematically troubleshoot PAN-OS to get you calmly into your weekend? Graham Garrison and Richard Kim from Palo Alto Networks E-TAC team will explain.
  • Customer Support Best Practices: Stephen Whyte, Palo Alto Networks technical lead, support, discusses how to best manage your firewalls and your relationship with technical support, as well as the online community.
  • Panorama 6.0: New Features and Customer Successes: Jamie Fitz-Gerald will discuss new features in Panorama 6.0 and deployment options for the M-100 management appliance. Attendees will also hear firsthand from a large customer using Panorama to manage Palo Alto Networks firewalls deployed globally.

Register now, and keep following Palo Alto Networks (@paloaltontwks) and Ignite 2014 (@ignite_conf) for all the latest information. And keep watching this space to hear even more about our keynote speakers, technical sessions and Expert Labs and 1-to-1 offerings.

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