Spotlight On Ignite 2014: Cybersecurity Industry Best Practices

Mar 18, 2014
5 minutes

Ignite 2014 is two weeks away, so let’s we’ll continue to highlight some of the deep-dive content and sessions that will be available to attendees in Las Vegas.

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Cybersecurity affects every industry in different ways, but one constant in each industry is the pressure to deploy new systems, applications and devices to keep up with the demands of today’s distributed workforce. In this Ignite 2014 track, you’ll learn how to use your next-generation security platform to meet industry-specific demands in hi-tech, healthcare, government, education and critical infrastructure, including ICS and SCADA networks.

You’ll hear real-world examples from peers and we’ll also look at how network segmentation assists you in meeting regulatory requirements and standards specific to industries.

Here’s are some of the sessions available to Ignite attendees in this track:

  • CISO Panel: The Role of the CISO Today: Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks Chief Security Officer, will lead a discussion on the evolving role of the CISO in light of the new cybersecurity landscape. You’ll learn how to build a compelling business case for next-generation cybersecurity to your executive team.
  • Addressing the Most Pervasive Challenges in ICS Cybersecurity: Hear from ICS security expert and ISA/IEC 62443 managing director Joe Weiss on critical infrastructure protection. In this state-of-the-industry session, Joe will share recent, real-world cyber-incidents to highlight the most common challenges in securing ICS and SCADA networks. Granular network segmentation is a key capability of the Palo Alto Networks platform and this session will tell you how it is best applied in ICS.
  • Securing the Healthcare Technology Revolution: Whether it’s the rollout of a new EMR system, the deployment of network-connected medical equipment or the pressure to comply with new regulations, the healthcare industry faces a wide range of security challenges and constraints. This panel, moderated by Palo Alto Networks expert Isabelle Dumont, brings together customers, industry experts and vendors that have to tackle emerging security challenges at healthcare facilities. Isabelle will be joined by representatives of Health Information Technology Services of Nova Scotia, Florida Blue, Revera Inc. and OhioHealth.
  • Cyberattacks as the New Norm in Financial Services: The financial services industry has been at the forefront of the war against cybercriminals. Through real-world examples and customer stories, this session, moderated by Palo Alto Networks VP, Product Marketing, Scott Gainey, will highlight how security thought leaders in financial services have tackled the new normal: an ever-increasing volume of cyberattacks while rolling out new technologies.
  • Public Sector and Education Panel: Maximize Your Return On Next-Generation Security Solutions: This panel is your opportunity to hear stories and ask questions of peers in the industry who face the same public sector security challenges that you do. Kevin Magee, Palo Alto Networks regionals ales manager, will be joined by panelists including Miles Von Hausen, Network and Data Security Analyst, Waterloo Region District School Board, and Neal Moss, Systems and Network Analyst, IT Infrastructure, BYU Hawaii, to talk best practices in difficult situations.
  • Next-Generation Security Applied to Critical Infrastructure, ICS and SCADA Networks: Del Rodillas, Palo Alto Networks senior product marketing manager, SCADA, will discuss the different features and services of the Palo Alto Networks platform that keep security, safety and uptime high in SCADA and ICS environments. Del will explain how App-ID and User-ID can be used to ensure a least prviliege access model to industrial protocols, applications and assets in a variety of use cases.
  • Less is More: Moving Your Policies to a Next-Generation Firewall: Michael Weber, Palo Alto Networks technical team lead, professional services, will lead this session explaining how one of the biggest differences in a next-generation firewall is writing policies. Writing policies on a per-application, rather than per-port, basis provides better protection with fewer rules – and thus simplifies operations.
  • Defining Policy Around Your Business: Santiago Polo, Palo Alto Networks systems engineer, will explain why the old “crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle” network security posture is dead. The new “perimeter,” thanks to paradigm shifts like BYOD, is the demarcation between internal user environments and data center and apps.
  • Security Intelligence Speeds Total Conversion to Next-Gen Firewalls at Global Engineering Firm: F. Ward Holloway III, VP, Business Development, Firemon, and Marcus Chavira, Senior Security Architect, CH2M HILL, will walk trhough how CH2M HILL, a leading project engineering firm with 28,000 employees worldwide, converted all of their firewalls to Palo Alto Networks and the effects on policy, rule migration, implementation, optimization and ROI.
  • Addressing Security and Compliance Requirements in Education: A K-12 school district was struggling with the administration’s push for a one-to-one laptop program for students. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires technological protection for students accessing the Internet and the school was uncertain how to filter students when they were off the school’s network. Justin Flynn, consultant, Burwood Group and Justin Lightfoot, network administrator, McLean County School District, will walk through how the school district used Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect to solve these challenges at no additional cost.

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