Learn What's Really Happening On Your Network

Jul 02, 2014
1 minutes

Today's cyber threats hide in plain sight amidst your network traffic, using applications as infiltration vectors, exhibiting application-like evasion tactics and leveraging commonly used network applications for exfiltration.

Over the past few weeks, we've discussed many of the findings from the 2014 Application Usage and Threat Report, highlighting the intertwined relationship between cyber attacks and the applications in use on enterprise networks.

We invite you to join us for a discussion of these findings and application usage and threat trends during a one-hour, online event next week.


Hiding in Plain Sight: What's Really Happening On Your Network kicks off at 12:00 pm CET on Wednesday, July 9. Register now and learn:

  • How to defend your network from advanced threats
  • Which applications are the most common threat vectors
  • Which applications are the most vulnerable or used to mask malware activity
  • Why SSL decryption has to be part of your enterprise security strategy

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