Spending On Detection? "None Of This Should Feel Very Good"

Jul 31, 2014
2 minutes

In the coming weeks we'll announce registration details for Ignite 2015, which returns to The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas March 30-April 1, 2015. As the largest gathering of enterprise security experts in the world, it's the place to talk about where we're headed as an industry.

During the closing session of Ignite 2014, Lee Klarich, our senior vice president of product management, explained how so much of the current investment in cybersecurity technology supports a detection approach — in some cases long after the bad actors have done damage.

Companies spend so much on "things that are designed to try to detect what happened months and months after the attack actually occurred," Lee said. "Ultimately, all of this leads to parachuting in a team you're going to spend $1,000 an hour per individual to try and figure out what happened in hopes it maybe wasn't as bad as it probably was. None of this should feel very good."

Watch Lee as he describes where we are as an industry and how those trends inform the Palo Alto Networks platform approach.

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