Palo Alto Networks Experts Featured On SecurityWeek

Aug 11, 2014
2 minutes

We're proud to have two Palo Alto Networks experts featured on a regular basis in SecurityWeek, one of the industry's premier trade publications.

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Check out Scott Gainey's article, published today, on how to prepare for board meetings and why it's important to consider how you're explaining cybersecurity to C- and board-level executives before you dive into technical details. 

"The board has finally awoken to the impact a breach can have a company's valuation," Scott writes. "Corporate stewards are getting educated in a hurry and are gearing up to ask some very pointed questions regarding your strategy for protecting the company."

You can also read Scott Simkin's article from earlier this summer where he detailed some of the fallout from the Heartbleed vulnerability and talked about why security admins need to establish strict rules regarding how decrypted data is handled.

"With enterprises and consumers becoming increasingly aware of online security, it follows that more and more applications will start using SSL and potentially be vulnerable to Heartbleed," Scott says. "A well-prepared enterprise security strategy will take this likelihood into account and implement SSL decryption."

Follow SecurityWeek for more columns, and as always, you can read Scott and Scott here on the blog.


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