New Episode of Don’t Panic: Cybersecurity Canon 2015 Inductees

May 14, 2015
1 minutes

unit 42 podcastThis month’s episode of Don’t Panic takes you inside the Cybersecurity Canon. At this year’s Ignite conference, Palo Alto Networks announced four new inductees to the Canon, which endeavors to recognize authors and works of literature that accurately depict the history, milestones and culture of the modern cybersecurity industry.  Ignite attendees also had the opportunity to meet several of the authors and speak with them about their research and experiences.

Listen to this episode to hear:

  • Which entries made it into the Cybersecurity Canon this year
  • Brian Krebs, author of “Spam Nation,” on his interaction with Russian spam kingpins
  • Rich Baich, author of “Winning as a CISO,” on the role of CISO at a major corporation

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