Now Available: On-Demand Next-generation Firewall for Amazon Web Services

Jun 30, 2015
3 minutes

As more organizations incorporate Amazon Web Services (AWS) into their data center architectures, the value of immediate access to complete computing environments becomes apparent. In a matter of a few minutes, AWS customers can scale their data centers to address seasonal spikes in computing demand driven by the nature of their business, while preserving the agility and resiliency they sought when choosing AWS in the first place.

Security has to keep up. That’s why our VM-Series for AWS can be deployed on-demand with your new AWS projects.

VM-Series for AWS Usage-based Licensing

Our recently released PAN-OS 7.0 introduced the ability to select and purchase a predefined VM-Series for AWS bundle directly from AWS on either an hourly or annual subscription basis. AWS users can choose from two bundles, both of which include a VM-300 firewall, subscriptions and support as shown in the table below. (Note that the VM-Series for AWS bring-your-own-license model is also still available.) See descriptions of the available bundles here.

But Wait, There’s More!

The new licensing model allows us to take advantage of the AWS Free Trial and Test Drive programs, which enable you to gain hands-on experience with the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall in an AWS environment.

  • Free Trial: Select from one of the two available bundles and deploy them in your AWS account for 15 days. At the end of the 15-day period, you can choose to continue with a usage-based subscription (hourly or annual) or select the BYOL option and chose the options that best fit your needs. You can launch a Free Trial here.
  • Test Drive: Available as of June 29, the VM-Series for AWS Test Drive provides you with a guide tour of the VM-Series though the use of hands-on lab exercises. Lasting roughly an hour, the Test Drive allows you to build policies, troubleshoot, execute a simulated attack than is then blocked and perform forensics. You can take a Test Drive here. Once your Test Drive is complete, you can chose which licensing option, BYOL or usage-based best fits your needs.

Both of these AWS programs allow you to gain hands-on experience with the rich set of features that the VM-Series for AWS provides.

See us at upcoming AWS Summits

As they say at Apple, One. More. Thing. We’ll be participating in some of the upcoming AWS Summits this week and next week so come see Palo Alto Networks if you want to hear more about how we can help you protect your AWS environment with our next-generation firewall functionality including:

  • Visibility into application traffic
  • Application enablement at the gateway
  • Segmentation between applications (VPCs)
  • Advanced threat prevention

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