PAN-OS 7.0 Documentation at a Glance

Jun 15, 2015
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As part of our PAN-OS 7.0 release, we—on the Technical Publications team—are happy to provide you with solution-based documentation that helps you use our features to solve real-world network security problems.

What’s New in PAN-OS 7.0

7_0 documentation

PAN-OS® 7.0.0 Release Notes­— Provides information about the PAN-OS 7.0 release, including instructions for upgrading to this release, known issues, software compatibility information, and addressed issues.

PAN-OS® New Features Guide Version 7.0—Provides upgrade procedures, and describes all of the exciting new features introduced in PAN-OS 7.0 and how to configure them.

PAN-OS® Administrator’s Guide Version 7.0—Provides solutions for using Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls to address your network security needs.

(New!) PAN-OS CLI® Quick Start—Provides quick start information and cheat sheets to help you get started with the PAN-OS CLI, including how to find a command and how to get help on how to use a command. This guide supersedes the PAN-OS CLI Reference Guide.

Panorama™ Administrator’s Guide Version 7.0—Provides comprehensive information to help you manage your Palo Alto Networks devices using the Panorama virtual appliance or an M-Series appliance, including instructions for setting up distributed log collection.

VM-Series Deployment Guide Version 7.0—Provides information about the process of deploying the virtualized next-generation firewall to secure east/west or north/south traffic in your network. It includes the deployment topologies supported for public and private cloud.

GlobalProtect™ Administrator’s Guide Version 7.0—Provides comprehensive information for setting up your GlobalProtect infrastructure to extend policy to all users, regardless of location or device.

WildFire™ Administrator’s Guide Version 7.0—Provides instructions on configuring WildFire to identify, analyze and automatically generate protection for previously unknown malware.

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