Get Started with Threat Prevention

Jul 02, 2015
1 minutes

How does the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall prevent threats?

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall protects and defends your network from commodity threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs). The firewall’s multi-pronged detection mechanisms include a signature-based (IPS/Command and Control/Antivirus) approach, heuristics-based (bot detection) approach, sandbox-based (WildFire) approach, and Layer 7 protocol analysis-based (App-ID) approach.

Fantastic! Where can I read more about threat prevention?

Here are some resources from our 6.1 documentation to get you started:

To view a list of Threats and Applications that Palo Alto Networks products can identify, use the following links:

  • Applipedia—Provides details on the applications that Palo Alto Networks can identify.
  • Threat Vault—Lists threats that Palo Alto Networks products can identify. You can search by Vulnerability, Spyware, or Virus. Click the Details icon next to the ID number for more information about a threat.

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