Watch: Mark McLaughlin Talks Cybersecurity on CNBC Squawk Box

Jul 24, 2015
1 minutes

Mark McLaughlin, Palo Alto Networks CEO, appeared today on CNBC Squawk Box to discuss cybersecurity as a top priority for CEOs, the relationship between the public and private sectors and the importance of a prevention mindset.

“We talk a lot about the preventive mind-set,” Mark comments, "The reality of an attack is that an attack had to do a number of things correct in order for it to succeed. Not just one thing. Not just get in; it has to move through your network, it has to find data, and it has to get the data out. And any point of that where you could detect the fact that somebody may be in the network, but hasn't completely executed the attack, is a prevention opportunity to stop it there.”

Learn more about Palo Alto Networks Security Platform and threat prevention technologies here.


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