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Mar 03, 2016
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At Ignite Conference 2016, we want to make sure you have control over what you learn. That’s why we’re bringing you the Agenda Builder. Whether you choose topics most relevant to your day-to-day job, or want to learn about new next-generation security subject matter, the Agenda Builder lets you personalize your experience — so insights and learning are exactly what you need them to be.

Register now for Ignite Conference 2016 to get access to the Agenda Builder and reserve your spot in your preferred sessions.

Select a Track or Mix and Match

Workshops and sessions are designed to be modular, so no matter how you stack them, you’ll get an integrated approach to preventing cyber breaches and securing your organization.

Track 1 – Advanced Threat Protection Strategies: Hear from experts on how to incorporate innovative threat-prevention techniques into a comprehensive cyber attack prevention strategy.

Track 2 – Next-Generation Security Innovations: Learn about the latest features and products added to the Palo Alto Networks next-generation security platform, practical ways to address your latest security imperatives, and a look at what's coming.

Track 3 – Data Center & Cloud Security Architectures: Get valuable insights into how to architect a data center to satisfy tomorrow's requirements and new security innovations that extend into the public cloud for mixed and hybrid environments.

Track 4 – Mobile Workforce Security: Take an in-depth look at the techniques used to attack mobile devices and wireless networks, and the principles behind how and why they succeed.

Track 5 – Threat Intelligence Day from Unit 42: Better understand the type of threats your organization is facing and learn from threat intelligence experts how to make that day actionable..

Track 6 – CISO says, "Yes, You Can!": Designed specifically for the CISO, hear from experts as they share valuable insights on how to make security a business enabler.

Event Highlights

We have several exciting new sessions at Ignite Conference 2016. Here are some highlights:

Cyber Range Threat Prevention Workshop: Come observe one of our Cyber Range sessions and cheer on your favorite team. Cyber Range is a hands-on cyber threat prevention workshop that gives participants real-world, hands-on cyber security training.

AutoFocus Security Dojo: In-Depth Lab with Unit 42: Unit 42 threat intelligence experts will guide you through using AutoFocus with intelligence observed by your Palo Alto Networks devices, highlighting critical threats and gaining a better understanding of how you are being attacked.

OpenStack Sessions: We have two sessions available to help you in your journey towards adopting OpenStack enabled clouds. You’ll learn how to provide a viable way to do micro-segmentation, block lateral movement of cyber threats in OpenStack Clouds, and offer virtualized next-generation security functions that can seamlessly integrate with OpenStack orchestration tools.

About Ignite 2016

April 3-6, 2016 at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas
Ignite is a live, four-day conference designed for today’s security professionals. Hear from innovators and experts, gain real-world skills through hands-on sessions and interactive workshops, and find out how breach prevention is changing the security industry. Visit the Ignite 2016 website for more on tracks, workshops and marquee sessions, and register today.

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