Tech Docs: New AutoFocus Features Make Threat Research a Breeze

Mar 28, 2016
2 minutes

A new version of the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence portal AutoFocus is out! And it’s packed with several nifty features that make threat research a breeze.

The AutoFocus New Features Guide has everything you need to get started but here are some release highlights: 

STIX for AutoFocus API: STIX (Structured Threat Indicator eXpression) is an XML-based standard that provides a consistent format for storing and sharing cyberthreat data. The AutoFocus API now lets you send API requests to AutoFocus and receive STIX-compliant responses. Sharing AutoFocus threat intelligence is easier than ever!

New Threat Analysis Features: Assess your level of coverage against malware by viewing which signatures were matched to a sample during WildFire analysis. Additionally, for behaviors observed in a sample during WildFire analysis, you can now view a list of activities exhibited by the samples that were used as evidence of the observed behavior.

AutoFocus Feedback Tool: A new feedback tool built into the AutoFocus navigation pane lets you get in touch with the AutoFocus team in just a couple of clicks. Send your rave reviews of AutoFocus or request features you’d like to see in future releases. 

Workflow Improvements: Be an AutoFocus power user in no time with various time-saving enhancements to the portal. Changes include the ability to:

  • Start searching for an artifact from any page on AutoFocus
  • View the API request for a search directly in the AutoFocus interface
  • Conduct multiple searches simultaneously in different browser windows

and many more.


Get Started

To get started, view the AutoFocus Release Notes and AutoFocus New Features Guide. You can also visit the documentation portal for access to more AutoFocus resources.

Have Questions?

For questions or comments about these features, contact your SE or account representative. For questions about documentation, email us at

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