Get Your Copy of “Network Security Management for Dummies”

May 17, 2016
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Palo Alto Networks is happy to announce the availability of a new “Network Security Management for Dummies” book. It is the latest addition to a series of books that explain the ins and outs of network and cyber security – and it’s available to you for free.

Our new book focuses on the importance of deploying a network security management solution when managing multiple firewalls, multiple security vendors, or both.

In easy-to-read language the book explains market changes leading to the need for network security management, the requirements a good network security management product should meet, and profiles the security and operational benefits that can be derived from network security management.

On the highest level, today’s enterprise security deployments require a network security management solution that provides:

  • Centralized administration with automated and streamlined management and configuration processes.
  • Greater network visibility with comprehensive reporting across the entire network security environment.
  • Prioritization of critical threats to enable faster, more effective incident response.

Download your copy of Network Security Management for Dummies here.

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