Winning Together in the Commercial Market

May 13, 2016
2 minutes

At Ignite 2016, Joshua Hoffman, Vice President of Worldwide Inside Sales, and I sat down and recorded a video explaining one of our top global priorities: our commercial market strategy. It is abundantly clear to both Joshua and I that in order to win in the commercial segment we must work together with you, our partners, which is why we wanted to share the video with you.

Before you watch the video, allow us to provide you with a little bit of context. We define the commercial market segment as customers that spend less than $100,000 annually in the markets in which we compete. To put this opportunity into perspective, we believe this commercial market segment has more than 200,000 addressable customers worldwide. We have implemented this strategy in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and India and the early results are phenomenal as we are seeing better margins and higher services adoption. This is a massive opportunity for next-generation security innovators who can deliver solutions that address our mutual customer’s business needs.

This video highlights several of the key investments we have made in our Worldwide Inside Sales team to introduce you, our partners, to these mutual commercial customers so they can experience our combined value.


This is the first of many future commercial market segment communications, as it is our plan to continue to invest heavily in the commercial market in FY17. I encourage you to visit the campaigns portion of the Partner Portal on regular basis, as we will soon launch a new marketing campaigns page.

If you aren’t already please make sure you are working with our Territory Sales Representatives as alignment between partner and sales will be instrumental to our mutual success in the commercial market.

Good Selling,
Ron Myers and Joshua Hoffman

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