NextWave Cloud Service Provider Path — Breakaway 1=5

Sep 07, 2023
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Amid hybrid work and an accelerated shift to the cloud, the use of cloud environments has become the new norm. At Palo Alto Networks, we have seen our Cloud Service Provider (CSP) business grow exponentially as customers increasingly use cloud marketplaces to buy, manage and deploy critical solutions. The cloud provides organizations key benefits, like seamless connection and ease of use. And, many marketplaces now enable Solution Providers to also sell in the cloud, enabling customers to leverage a trusted advisor with the ease of purchasing via a marketplace. This additional revenue stream presents a massive opportunity for our NextWave partners.

Palo Alto Networks is proud to partner with industry-leading CSPs, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Our CSP partners offer a simple and elegant way for customers to consume technology and purchase vital cloud security solutions. Partners play a critical role in ensuring their customers’ overall security posture, which CSPs have recognized now have partner sales strategies to support that. At the same time, our NextWave Partner Program has been augmented to foster these new opportunities for our partner ecosystem. Making it easier than ever to enable customers to purchase vital cloud security solutions through select cloud marketplaces by supporting Partner Private Offers. In doing so, customers have the ability to leverage partners who have expertise in their business and still gain the benefits of purchasing products through the cloud marketplaces.

In keeping with our commitment to make doing business with us simpler, eligible NextWave Solution Providers and MSSPs may participate in Partner Private Offers on select cloud marketplaces. In doing so, they can earn suggested discounts and NextWave incentives. This allows partners to gain profitability consistency across fulfillment channels, as well as deal registration and submission incentives. Simultaneously, customers will gain a plethora of benefits when purchasing products through cloud marketplaces, including preferred cloud infrastructure pricing, ease of procurement and consolidation of IT spend.

By the end of 2025, public CSP marketplaces are expected to handle over $50 billion USD in transactions. Again, this is a massive opportunity for our partners, and we can enable them to meet this demand by offering customers the option to purchase through a private offer for custom-negotiated terms and pricing. We understand that delivering innovative cybersecurity solutions is only as useful as the ability to tailor those solutions to your customers’ needs. This includes where they want to buy those solutions and how they want to deploy them. It's all about providing value to our customers and supporting our partners.

For more than 10 years, our award-winning NextWave Partner Program has been the catalyst for partner change. It guides our partners to success by enabling them to capitalize on market transitions, including the shift to cloud marketplaces.

There has never been a better time to become a NextWave partner with flexible options available to perfectly align with your specific business model. If you’re already a partner, stay in the loop on program updates with our Breakaway 1=5 blog series and learn more about the CSP Path on the partner portal.

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