Excited for Mr. Robot Season_2.0? It's A Good Time to Talk About Preventive Security

Jul 12, 2016
2 minutes

USA Network's Mr. Robot returns this Wednesday! It's OK to get giddy and geeky -- we are. Mr. Robot's been justly hailed in the security community for its accuracy in depicting hacker culture, threat actors and our complex industry, using entertainment to educate on cyber threats in a way so few film and TV treatments have been able to do.

Oh, we have the same questions you do: Who's at the door? Is Angela going to become an insider threat? Will series creator Sam Esmail continue to insist on the show's much-lauded attention to infosec detail?

Look at all the ground Mr. Robot covered in Season 1, from protecting critical data, understanding threat adversaries and social engineering, to privacy and security debate, the importance of strong passwords and patching vulnerabilities, rootkits and DDoS attacks. 

All of these topics get people talking — and that means all are a good excuse to talk further about the power of breach prevention to safeguard your critical assets and prevent successful attacks before they happen. So, as you settle in for Mr. Robot, we also invite you to check out another important return: Breach Prevention Week! Join us July 18-22, and learn how to boost operational efficiency and enable any application while shutting down cyberattacks. 

Here's a look at our five-part Breach Prevention Week program and how to register, from securing multi-tenant software-defined data centers to defeating zero-day exploits with automated prevention.

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