Q4 NextWave Huddle Highlights

Jul 07, 2016
3 minutes

On June 23, I hosted our Q4 FY16 NextWave Huddle webcast. If you missed it, I encourage you to watch the full replay and to review the presentation.

In Q3 FY16 you helped us grow 48% year-over-year and drive a record breaking $345.8M in revenue, as well as add more than 1,000 new customers for the eighteenth consecutive quarter.

Our channel momentum was equally impressive in Q3 FY16 with more than 4,100 partners achieving an enablement certification. You also demonstrated a 28% year-over-year increase in deal registration submissions, and led 1,500 Security Lifecycle Reviews.

As we enter the final month of the quarter and year, I wanted to highlight five areas of focus for Q4 :

  1. NextWave Compliance: Compliance checks against the new NextWave Channel Partner Program requirements will begin in Q1 FY17 (August 2016). If you need more information on the NextWave Channel Partner Program changes, please check out this blog post. Interested in joining the NextWave Channel Partner Program? Go to our partner webpage.
  2. Customer Demand: Use our newly created email templates to tell our mutual customers about how Gartner recently named Palo Alto Networks a Magic Quadrant Leader in Enterprise Firewall for the fifth consecutive year. And, if you aren’t familiar with our proposal based MDF program, we recently streamlined the process and encourage you to review our MDF policy.
  3. Q4 NFR Promotion: Receive an additional 15% off on your NFR hardware in Q4 with our Amplify Q4 Sales promotion.
  4. Growth Opportunities: Special guest John Nassar talked about the more than $6 billion in new opportunities we have created with our cybersecurity solutions (including Aperture, AutoFocus and Traps). Here’s why this is important:
    • In the endpoint market, the migration from AV to advanced endpoint prevention has accelerated and the platform vision is resonating globally with customers. Read a recent Traps success story from CBI Health Group.
    • For Aperture, the Office 365 migration represents a tremendous opportunity. Watch a Lightboard session on securing Office 365 that highlights the Aperture opportunity.
    • For AutoFocus, the immediate opportunity is in the WildFire install base, which recently surpassed the 10,000 customer threshold. To learn more watch the replay of the recent Aperture and AutoFocus partner webcast.
  5. Commercial Market Segment: Special guest Joshua Hoffman talked about the more than 200,000 potential customers we have in the global commercial market. Success in the commercial market will depend on our ability to create joint demand and value. To help start creating demand together I encourage you use our marketing campaign kits, which can be found under the “Help Me Market” tab on the Partner Portal.

Together we have delivered record-breaking results in the first three quarters of the 2016 fiscal year. Let’s finish Q4 and the year strong by crushing it in July.

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