Channel Scoop – September 8, 2017

Sit back and relax while we bring you this week’s Channel Scoop.

  • NFR Promo: We have extended and enhanced our very successful Invest in Success promo. We have enhanced the discount off the NFR SKU from 35 percent to 40 percent for the PA-850, PA3020, PA-5220 & PA-5250. And we extended the promotion to January 24, 2018.
  • Broadening CYBERFORCE Program: First, we broadened the certification options. Partners can now earn Defender status by being PSE: Associate-Endpoint and Commander status by being PSE: Professional-Endpoint. Second, we broadened the XP opportunities. Partners can now earn 2 XPs for successfully leading an Ultimate Test Drive.Don’t forget about our Get Behind the Wheel UTD  promotion and to check your CYBERFORCE status today.
  • NextWave Changes: We have added the Traps Specialization to our Diamond and Platinum level requirements. In addition, we have added two new requirements, NFR and PSE: Associate-Platform, to our Silver level. Check our updated NextWave Channel Partner Program Interactive Guide for complete details.
  • Mark McLaughlin on CNBC’s Squawk Alley: Discusses the three things needed to make artificial intelligence and machine learning effective tools for cybersecurity.

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