Endpoint Protection: The First Line of Defense Against the Attacker Mindset

Dec 20, 2017
1 minutes

The rise of digital currencies has made it easier than ever for attackers to convert new threats into profitability. Attackers have designed highly evasive attacks in order to maximize their profitability, resulting in an increase in the volume of successful and sophisticated attacks.

On the front line of these attacks are endpoints, which are highly vulnerable targets for attackers as workforces have become increasingly mobile, distributed and diverse. Organizations need to employ effective endpoint protection that can keep pace with today’s changing threat-landscape – a prevention-first approach that can stop both known and unknown threats.

The Attacker’s Mindset whitepaper dissects three different real-world attack campaigns, and breaks down how Traps, Palo Alto Networks advanced endpoint protection, thwarts them and similar attacks.

Read “The Attacker’s Mindset Insights into real-world attack campaigns” report.

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