Secure Your OT: Introducing Our New ICS Cybersecurity Hands-on Workshop

Dec 11, 2017
2 minutes

In June at Ignite ‘17 Security Conference, we hosted for the first time a new ICS-specific technical workshop called the Industrial Cybersecurity Hands-on Workshop or "ICS HoW" for short. This was provided as a free, guided class which taught students how to use our platform to secure their industrial automation environment through a series of hands-on exercises in a fully virtualized ICS environment. The feedback we received was very positive as it gave both IT and OT cybersecurity practitioners a chance to really understand (through implementation) the capabilities of the platform in different ICS-specific use case lab exercises.

Today we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the ICS HoW as a customer workshop event which can be run as a Palo Alto Networks-hosted event or even at a customer site. We see the awareness and interest for ICS cybersecurity continue to increase so we are pleased to help the industry address this pent-up demand for knowledge.

The current ICS HoW release is focused on how to achieve better ICS-specific visibility, access control and threat prevention via App-ID, User-ID and Content-ID. Future updates are planned to include other use cases and capabilities of our next-generation security platform. In addition to great learning, students also have an opportunity to network with their IT/OT colleagues, industry peers and other ICS cybersecurity experts to learn about different security use cases and best practices.

You can learn more about ICS HoW and request more information on how to participate in one of our events by going to the ICS HoW page or by contacting your Palo Alto Networks sales representative.

Learn more about our solution for ICS/SCADA by reading our reference blueprint white paper.

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