Innovation at Your Fingertips: The First Third-Party Apps Now Available on the Application Framework

Oct 09, 2018
2 minutes

Whether you are moving your services and applications to the cloud, paying for your morning coffee with your phone, or turning on new security capabilities to protect the business, change shouldn’t be hard. For decades, security has been a series of choices: choose a small handful of vendors or risk burdening your IT and security teams with complexity, without automation. Choose the right innovative startup in which to invest your limited resources. Choose which company’s technology you test, deploy and manage.

There doesn’t need to be a trade-off between the best security for your business and what you can handle operationally. It’s time for a change in how you consume and use the most innovative cybersecurity capabilities. With the Application Framework, your teams can rapidly consume and implement cloud-based security apps without focusing on infrastructure. Since the announcement of the framework, you’ve seen us deliver the first app, Magnifier, which uses behavioral analytics and machine learning to quickly find and stop advanced attacks on your network. We will continue building cloud-based apps from Palo Alto Networks, but the promise of the Application Framework is far greater than what we build alone.

We are proud to reveal the first third-party apps, which are now available to our worldwide customers. These applications build on the vast set of curated dataset that is collected by our sensors to deliver a host of innovative capabilities for our customers. As cloud-based apps, you can simply turn them on in minutes, allowing you to take advantage of your existing investment in Palo Alto Networks.

Please join us in welcoming the first Application Framework developer pioneers and take a moment to learn how you can benefit from their significant capabilities today.

  • Firemon
  • ON2IT
  • Portnox
  • Seclytics
  • Silverfort

Click, deploy and secure your infrastructure using third-party and Palo Alto Networks apps directly from the Application Framework Portal. Start changing how you consume security capabilities today.


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