Build Confidence in Your Security Controls with a Self-Service Best Practice Assessment

Nov 07, 2018
2 minutes

Over the past several months, customers have been asking for the ability to run a Best Practice Assessment (BPA) more frequently, on their schedule, and in their own environment. We are happy to share that we have been able to do all of this without sacrificing any of the features that customers love. On November 14th, we will be launching the Self-Service BPA on the Customer Support Portal.

What is a BPA?

The BPA compares your policy configurations against Palo Alto Networks best practices, producing a curated set of recommendations to improve your next-generation firewall and Panorama™ network security.  The BPA is great for building configuration confidence in your controls and for measuring progress along the way, and with the ability to run assessments on demand, you can track the adoption of core prevention capabilities like App-ID, User-ID, and Decryption. The Self-Service BPA will allow customers to access the BPA on their own from the Customer Support Portal. While customers will still be able to work through their account team or partner to run a BPA,  they will now have the option to generate their report independently.

Ready to get started? View our expert led Self-Service BPA Workshop and learn how to run an assessment in your environment.



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