Ixia Performance Test Confirms PA-7080 Is Fastest NGFW

Mar 20, 2019
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Mobility and cloud are transforming today’s networks, bringing an explosion of data and new mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices with greater access to data and services anywhere, anytime. Application workloads are now more dynamic and move across multiple physical data centers and private, public and hybrid clouds.

Our customers with large data centers, high volumes of encrypted traffic, and a growing ecosystem of IoT devices need performance without compromising security. Last month we introduced new network processing cards on the PA-7000 Series, making it the fastest next-generation firewall in the industry. The PA-7000 Series offers threat prevention at speeds twice as fast as the nearest competitor and delivers decryption three times faster than before.

Ixia’s CloudStorm 100GE, an industry-first 2.4 terabit application and security test solution, put the PA-7080 through the test with a real-world mix of complex application traffic and security strikes to validate the efficacy of the application and threat detection engine, measure the impact of SSL traffic on performance, and assess mitigation techniques.

Below are a few highlights of the test:

  • Achieved over 600 Gbps App-ID throughput for HTTP traffic with over 100 thousand sessions per second
  • Processed 4.7 million HTTP connections per second
  • Using a complex application mix, total aggregate throughput with App-ID and threat inspection enabled reached 335 Gbps in performance
  • Over 180 Gbps of SSL decryption throughput with App-ID enabled
  • Nearly 160 Gbps of SSL decryption with App-ID and threat inspection enabled
  • Able to decrypt 150,000 SSL connections per second with App-ID enabled and 144,000 SSL connections per second with App-ID and threat inspection enabled


Take a look here to access the full test report, “Next-Generation Firewall 600Gbps Throughput Test” on Palo Networks PA-7080 using Ixia CloudStorm 100GE.

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