Proud to Be Nutanix Technology Alliances Solution Partner of the Year

Sep 10, 2020
3 minutes

Palo Alto Networks was awarded the Nutanix Technology Alliances Solution Partner of the Year at Nutanix’s Global .NEXT Digital Experience conference. Over the last year, Palo Alto Networks and Nutanix have collaborated on enhanced capabilities and integrated solutions to secure the enterprise. 

“We are thrilled to have honored Palo Alto Networks at the Nutanix .NEXT Digital event this year as the Nutanix Technology Alliances Solution Partner of the Year,” said Prasad Athawale, vice president of business development at Nutanix. “The partnership with Palo Alto Networks allows us to bring together best in class security and HCI for customers who are deploying in the private cloud as well as securing their journey to the hybrid cloud.”

Integrations between the Palo Alto Networks VM-series virtual firewalls and Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV), as well as Nutanix Flow, provide consistent network security and threat prevention to protect applications and data hosted across on-premises, private cloud and public cloud environments. 


Preventative Security Controls Stop Threats Before They Cause Damage

As virtualized and cloud environments grow, so does an organization's attack surface, increasing the risk of attackers gaining access to the internal network. In our partnership with Nutanix, we like to use the example of securing a house. In addition to a strong lock on your front door (perimeter network security), you need to put protections in place to prevent threats that do make it inside the house from moving freely between the rooms in your house (network segmentation). In virtualized networks and private clouds, network security teams often lack visibility and control of internal network traffic within the “house.” 

By deploying VM-Series virtual Next-Generation Firewalls on AHV hypervisors, network security teams can insert security closer to the workloads they are trying to protect, providing full visibility into their internal network traffic and enabling the creation of segmentation policies to reduce the attack surface. Leveraging Nutanix Flow as part of this solution introduces the ability to enforce microsegmentation at the individual workload level, further reducing the attack surface. 

Nutanix Flow also streamlines the protection of allowed traffic within the environment. Network security teams can use Flow to dynamically route traffic to VM-Series firewalls that have our additional security services enabled to inspect traffic for both known and unknown threats, prevent DNS attacks, and stop exfiltration attempts – all without the need to deploy additional sensors or agents.  

“We are proud of our collaboration with Nutanix to build out technical solutions that will enhance customers’ security posture in their network,” said Tana Rosenblatt, vice president of technology partnerships for Palo Alto Networks. “This integration and ability to provide services for deployment demonstrate how technology leaders in the market can better address customer challenges. Together, we provide our customers with deep visibility and protection from the threats of today and tomorrow.”

Today’s recognition by Nutanix highlights our mission to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life.  


Learn About Our Partnership

Learn more about the integrated solution with Next-Generation Virtual Firewalls (VM-Series) and Nutanix Flow and sign up to receive notifications about customer events on our joint microsite.

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