Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality

Jan 27, 2022
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Drawing Strength From Diversity

At Palo Alto Networks, DEI is in our DNA. Dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion has earned us our third consecutive 100% rating on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, recognizing Palo Alto Networks once again as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

The Index is a yearly measure of corporate policies and benefits that are vital for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workforce. We are proud of our ranking and especially of the employees and company leaders who drive the growth of our DEI commitment. Here's what our leaders are saying:

Palo Alto Networks KP Unnikrishnan, Vice President of Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan:

“We embrace diversity because, not only is it right and just, but it is also vital to the continued success of our company. We believe that innovation can’t succeed without appropriate representation of diverse groups of people and an empowered workforce.”

One key avenue for support is our LGBTQIA+ Employee Network Group, which continues growing after being founded in 2018 by a handful of employees. It offers encouragement to strengthen our inclusive culture and creates a safe environment for LGBTQIA+ employees.

During Pride Month in June 2021, we celebrated the “Colours of Your Life” by launching the new JAPAC chapter of LGBTQIA+ Employee Network Group, with employees pledging their support to “create an inclusive environment without judgment” and vowing to do whatever is needed “to provide a safe and supportive space for all employees.”

Palo Alto Networks Orcun Tezel, Systems Engineering, Vice President in JAPAC:

“Bringing your authentic self and your diverse views enables us to make better decisions and drive a high-performance culture while creating equal opportunities for everyone.”

Tezel shares Unnikrishna's views:

“I am passionate about celebrating differences in people and believe and see it manifest in different ways every day – how multiple perspectives drive a globally connected business. I am thrilled to be working in an environment where everyone feels inspired to do their best, irrespective of who they are or what they stand for. Palo Alto Networks supports employee choice and creates a safe space through which they can express themselves and bring up any issues that they might be facing.

“We are building the right processes, policies and guidelines that guarantee inclusivity and prevent discrimination. LGBTQ+ inclusion is a core part of our Equality and Diversity policy and sets out our commitment in tackling discrimination."

To empower our LGBTQIA+ team members, the Employee Network Group (ENG) helps with education as well. A recent, virtual event featured guest speaker, Nichole D. Albert-Little, in a discussion that explored the spectrums of modern sexuality and the importance of understanding how to safely dialogue and include these modern views in the day-to-day lives of the LGBTQIA+ community.

At Palo Alto Networks, we take that commitment one step further and set the stage for the future growth of diversity, equity and inclusion by encouraging “non-LGBTQ+ employees to come on board as allies, champion LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace, and act as a source of support for LGBTQ+ staff,” Unnikrishnan said.

Visit us to find out more about life at Palo Alto Networks and the opportunities available to you.

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