We’ve Got Next…Again

Jun 06, 2022
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In August 2021, we launched our “We’ve Got Next” campaign with a pledge to be ready for the next challenge and the next opportunity in cybersecurity. Indeed, we work very hard at Palo Alto Networks to do just that – to see around the corners, anticipate the next set of threats and deliver the next set of solutions.

Today, we see a major opportunity to build cybersecurity correctly for the coming decades. With enterprise users working from anywhere, accessing applications and data hosted in any cloud or data center, our cyber attack surface has expanded significantly. The first generation of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions did their part in initiating a response to a changing world. But, it’s not enough. Existing solutions are incomplete and inconsistent (learn why). We need a paradigm shift in how we think about Zero Trust security.

In May, we made a call to the industry to adopt ZTNA 2.0: “Zero Trust with Zero Exceptions.” That tagline sought to acknowledge the gaps in first-gen ZTNA solutions and to establish a higher bar of expectations.

We are excited to reinforce that call to the industry today, with our new ad featuring the iconic actress, Gillian Anderson. As the next chapter in our “We’ve Got Next” campaign, this ad seeks to bring everyday cyber risks to the forefront of public awareness and highlight our continued innovation to bring the next generation of comprehensive Zero Trust security solutions to the enterprise.

Gillian Anderson opens the new Palo Alto Networks ad with the question, “What if we could see cyber threats in real life?” before visually guiding us through the pervasive nature of today’s cyber threats. Uncomfortable, yes? It certainly is. But, she ends with a positive tone: “They can be stopped, with consistent cybersecurity that protects work everywhere. Zero Trust with Zero Exceptions.”

We agree.

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