AI Powers the Branch of the Future, Today

Branch Transformation Starts Now with Next-Gen SD-WAN and Prisma SASE from Palo Alto Networks

Branch offices as we know them have changed. With the establishment of hybrid work as a long-term trend and the exponential increase in cloud usage, organizations are transforming their branches to be agile, digital and secure. Increasingly, IT leaders are required to do more with less, and are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve operational efficiency and serve their customers better.

Unfortunately, existing legacy network and security solutions in branches are complex and rigid, failing to meet the needs of the branch of the future. Businesses are forced to add point products constantly, and backhauling application traffic on expensive dedicated wide area network (WAN) links result in operational costs and complexity. Most importantly, organizations are struggling to protect users, applications and assets from attack surfaces that have exploded due to hybrid work, resulting in increased security breaches and data exposures.

Against that backdrop, SDxCentral and Palo Alto Networks are partnering to bring you an exclusive online event, showing how Next-Gen SD-WAN and SASE can help modernize and secure your branches.

Your branch office has changed. Your SD-WAN should, too.

Your Branch Office Has Changed — Your SD-WAN Should, Too

In today’s world where applications, users and devices are distributed across many locations, organizations’ branches should evolve to ensure flexible connectivity, better security and reduce operational complexity. This new reality of work requires reimagining the branch architecture. The right solution needs to scale up or down to adjust to modern needs, preserve core functionalities and secure access for all applications. All this is done while drastically improving observability and automation to simplify operations with the power of AI/ML.

Prisma SASE with Prisma SD-WAN delivers a next-generation SD-WAN solution to truly transform the branch, secure your network holistically, and automate complex IT operations for an exceptional user experience.

At this event, industry leaders will discuss the trends driving the evolution of SD-WAN and SASE, the four tenets of the branch of the future, and a real-life example from Salesforce on how to overcome SD-WAN deployment challenges. Here is a preview of the speakers:

  • Matt Palmer, CEO, SDxCentral
  • Brandon Butler, research manager, IDC
  • Kumar Ramachandran, SVP, products, Palo Alto Networks
  • Georgi Stoev, senior network architect, Salesforce

Register now to learn more about how AI/ML is powering next-gen SD-WAN and SASE for your branch.