The Value of CYBERFORCE — Breakaway 1=5

Last month we hosted 225+ CYBERFORCE members from all over the world to our annual SE Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was wonderful to return to an in-person event where the top 1% of our partner system engineers and solution architects within our CYBERFORCE program had the opportunity to train beside their Palo Alto Network colleagues.

Six years ago, we launched CYBERFORCE, our partner technical-recognition program. The program is made up of elite, highly-trained cybersecurity experts who are committed to protecting our digital way of life. There are 3,500+ current members who have fulfilled program requirements, such as excelling in technical enablement, customer engagements and closing deals.

Here is a glance into the value of CYBERFORCE and some of the benefits of becoming a member:

Paths to Membership

With technical certifications, customer engagements and performance as three key areas of recognition, CYBERFORCE is designed with the flexibility for partners to choose the pre-sales or post-sales path that works best for them. The Defender, Commander, Hero, Guardian and Sentry levels offer their own set of benefits, specialties and requirements for resellers, distributors, service providers and certified professional services partners.

Partner Benefits

CYBERFORCE elevates the members' personal and professional branding, placing them among an elite, proven team of highly-trained experts. Additionally, CYBERFORCE members receive special invitations to Palo Alto Networks events, like SE Summit, trainings and webinars. They also have access to content specifically curated for CYBERFORCE members. And, as an extra bonus, a CYBERFORCE member receives really cool apparel and badges that they wear proudly to promote their achievements.

Customer Benefits

CYBERFORCE members make a point to introduce their customers to CYBERFORCE in their pre-sales meetings as a prelude to presenting their recommended technology solutions. When customer decision-makers hear about CYBERFORCE, they are much more receptive to their recommendations. They know they are getting the absolute best solution available based on the expertise and experience the CYBERFORCE member has.

CYBERSuccess Stories

Through our new series of case studies, known as CYBERSuccess stories, we focus on the value a CYBERFORCE member or team has brought to a customer, plus how they are using their technical expertise to win customer deals or deploy services. These stories are accessible and easily shared with customers, so they can read about solutions provided and results achieved with CYBERFORCE. Our current CYBERSuccess stories feature prominent partners, such as WWT, RevelSec, NTS and CDW.

Learn more about CYBERFORCE, including how to become a member on the partner portal. There has never been a better time to become a NextWave partner and to stay informed on the evolution of our award-winning NextWave Partner Program with our Breakaway 1=5 blog series.