Palo Alto Networks Achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Certification in the UK

Jun 15, 2023
3 minutes

Digital transformation and geopolitical tensions are fuelling a rapid evolution of the threat landscape, particularly impacting critical service providers and businesses. With this, building a resilient and secure digital UK has never been more critical for both the public and private sectors.

It’s vital that organisations protect themselves from the increasing threats by deploying capabilities to help protect their business-critical data, systems and infrastructure. In order to do this, they must have the utmost confidence in the solution providers and the providers’ supply chain.

At Palo Alto Networks, we understand that customers want to know that the businesses they work with treat their critical data with as much care as they do, especially when it involves running essential services and national infrastructure.

In response, we are pleased to have obtained the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, which is backed by the UK Government and independently validates the strong measures we have in place to defend against cyber attacks. The certification also encompasses our Unit 42 Security Consulting and Professional Services.

With this certification, customers can be confident that Palo Alto Networks looks after their data with the highest level of protection while keeping their systems secure.

Why has Palo Alto Networks obtained the Cyber Essentials Plus certification?

Our achievement of the Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a demonstration of the dedicated and comprehensive approach we take to security and transparency.

While many government contracts require Cyber Essentials certification, ensuring their customers have a clear picture of their organisation's cybersecurity posture and the steps they have taken to protect their organisation should be the baseline for meeting customers' security expectations and requirements.

A full list of our certifications, principle conformance statements, and other related documentation can be found in our Trust Center.

Enhancing the technology assurance ecosystem

The Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to protect against the most common cyber threats and demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to cybersecurity. It is one of many initiatives developed by the UK government to help improve our collective resilience.

As the UK Government evolves its position on Technology Assurance, the NCSC continues to champion and push this agenda by providing advice and guidance from initiatives such as the Cloud Security Principles and Cyber Essentials scheme to the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) and telecom Vendor Security Assessment.

Adherence to these initiatives helps build confidence that the services and technologies the UK relies on are secure and resilient and will reduce the overall cybersecurity risks organisations face.

At Palo Alto Networks, we are committed to demonstrating to our customers that we adhere to these approaches to assurance. We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of confidence in our platforms and services, whether through programmes like Trust 360 or aligning with the NCSC Cloud Security Principles.

Supporting and conforming to international standards and accreditations underpins our commitment to being the cybersecurity partner of choice.

Learn more about how Palo Alto Networks keeps the public sector protected here.

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