Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks Deliver Cloud-Native NGFW Service

Apr 11, 2024
3 minutes

Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks are excited to announce the general availability of Google Cloud Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Enterprise. Powered by our Palo Alto Networks best-in-class security technology, the managed firewall service has extensive threat prevention capabilities essential for securely doing business in the cloud.

Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise offers cutting-edge Layer 7 security features, tailored to safeguard Google Cloud workloads from threats, such as malware, spyware and command-and-control attacks. Engineered to vigilantly monitor network traffic for known and unknown malicious behavior, real-time protection prevents even the most advanced, zero day attacks.

Cloud NGFW Enterprise — Simplifying Security for Complex Cloud Environments

Securing workloads in public cloud infrastructure presents a continuously evolving challenge for many organizations. Recent research from TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), shows that 88% of organizations struggle to secure public cloud environments. The ongoing struggle to secure the public cloud stems from a confluence of factors: a rapidly evolving threat landscape (cited by 52% of respondents) and the dynamic nature of cloud environments (mentioned by 39%).

Cloud NGFW Enterprise offers a compelling solution to this challenge. This service provides comprehensive protection that seamlessly integrates simplicity, speed, scalability and robust security, all within a single native offering. By eliminating the need for trade-offs between a user-friendly cloud experience and top-tier protection, Cloud NGFW Enterprise empowers organizations to more confidently focus on their core business functions.

Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks Collaboration Enhances Network Security

Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks have a long history of collaborating on innovative security products. It all began in 2021, when we launched Google Cloud IDS (Cloud Intrusion Detection System) to provide cloud-native network threat detection with industry-leading security backed by Palo Alto Networks. The service has been a standout success and has created numerous positive outcomes for customers.

Cloud NGFW Enterprise builds on that success to go beyond detection to offer inline, real-time protection with a broad range of Layer 7 security services. Whether customers are early in their cloud journey or have modernized their applications and are utilizing cloud-native services, the codeveloped offering empowers businesses of all sizes with industry-leading security solutions.

Muninder Singh Sambi, VP/GM of Product Management, Google said:

Today's release of Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise marks a major step forward in our partnership with Palo Alto Networks. Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise delivers best-in-class network security for our customers, combining the secure, scalable infrastructure of Google Cloud with Palo Alto Networks advanced threat detection and intrusion prevention capabilities. We're excited to continue this partnership, providing innovative security solutions for our customers that simplify deployment while safeguarding cloud environments.

Richard Persaud, Network Security Architect at McKesson CoverMyMeds said:

Maintaining robust security and visibility is essential as we strategically migrate workloads to the cloud. The Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise solution powered by Palo Alto Networks supports this effort, by combining the ability to rapidly scale deployments, while seamlessly ensuring industry-leading network threat protection.

Get Started Quickly — Get Rapid Cloud Protection

Thanks to industry-leading security research teams at both companies, Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise customers can access real-time intrusion and threat prevention critical for securely operating in the cloud. Find out more about this scalable, cloud-first firewall service, Google Cloud NGFW Enterprise.

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