Cloud NGFW for AWS Integrates with Panorama

Aug 07, 2023
3 minutes

Now there’s yet another reason to deploy Cloud NGFW for AWS. The managed cloud firewall service — which provides best-in-class security with AWS cloud native ease of use — is now integrated with the Panorama™ management system for consistent oversight of applications, wherever they may reside.

Our customers know that in today's interconnected digital landscape, managing security policies for applications and workloads across numerous cloud and virtualized environments can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. Multiple management systems can easily complicate and slow network security on-premises and in the cloud, but now organizations can include Panorama as part of their Cloud NGFW for AWS deployments.

Discover New Efficiencies with Centralized NGFW Management from On-prem to AWS

This is an exciting and important development, because integration with Panorama streamlines network security administration throughout cloud and virtualized environments. With Panorama, you can centrally manage all of your next-generation firewalls, across all environments, and employ the same best-in-class security management for all your applications, regardless of where they run.

It’s also a big advance designed for network security efficiency, because security teams can bypass learning new tools or creating new processes. Customers who have used Panorama to manage next-generation firewalls on premises or in virtualized environments can use the same workflows and logs, and seamlessly extend existing policies to Cloud NGFW for AWS.

Add Security Consistency to AWS Deployments

Panorama serves as the nerve center of your security infrastructure, enabling you to manage and monitor all of your security policies and solutions from a single, unified platform. With Panorama, you gain a comprehensive overview of your entire security landscape. You can simplify administration, enhance efficiency and help reduce the risk of oversight or misconfiguration.

Let’s take a look at how it all works:

  • Get streamlined policy management across firewalls and cloud-delivered security services: Panorama uses a single rule base for network security, as well as for cloud-delivered security services, such as Threat Prevention, Advanced URL Filtering, DNS and Wildfire. Dynamic updates simplify administration and improve your security posture.
  • Discover a single source of truth with centralized visibility: Panorama provides an interactive, graphical view of applications, URLs and threats traversing your Palo Alto Networks firewalls. This means you can easily visualize network activity, threat activity and blocked activity, and create customized views of current and historical data.
  • Scale faster with centralized management: Panorama scales easily as your firewall deployment in the cloud and elsewhere grows – a single, highly-available pair of Panorama appliances can manage up to 5,000 cloud, virtual, container and physical Palo Alto Networks firewalls. Moving to a centrally managed network makes it significantly easier to add new firewalls to your network.

See What You’ll Get

This integration with Panorama is now available in all Cloud NGFW for AWS supported AWS regions. To see how to add Panorama to Cloud NGFW for AWS, refer to the documentation. You can also estimate costs quickly with our interactive pricing estimator.

Or simply get started with your free, 30-day trial at AWS Marketplace and see how you can extend security from on-prem to AWS quickly and easily.

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