Extend Zero Trust Security to Small Offices and Branches with the PA-410

Aug 18, 2021
3 minutes

Ransomware attacks can be financially crippling for all businesses, including small and medium businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises. Take Coop, for example, one of Sweden’s largest grocery chains. In early July 2021, most of its 800 stores went offline after being hit with ransomware. The Swedish State Railway, a large pharmacy chain, and others were also infected by the REvil hack, which targeted software supplier Kaseya and impacted companies that use the company’s IT management software.

As organizations of all sizes adopt cloud and mobility technologies to become more agile and innovative, this digital transformation comes with trade offs. Digital transformation sparks more innovation and growth, but it can also increase an organization’s attack surface and risk of threat exposure.

With the recent launch of our new PA-400 Series ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Palo Alto Networks extends Zero Trust security to the enterprise branches and small organizations everywhere. Organizations can take advantage of digital transformation while protecting their business from ransomware, credential phishing, and other emerging threats -- at an affordable price without compromising on security or performance.

We’re excited to announce the immediate orderability of the PA-410, which is perfectly suited to deliver best-in-class security to small offices and branch locations. The smallest member of the PA-400 Series family delivers 600 Mbps of threat prevention throughput and seamlessly integrates into office environments with its desktop form factor and noiseless design.

Learn how the PA-410 delivers best-in-class security for small offices and branches and prevents modern attacks like ransomware and other threats.
The PA-410

The powerful hardware architecture integrates Cloud-Delivered Security Services, providing protection against all attack vectors. Deploying a PA-400 appliance at branch locations adds another layer of protection and prevents malicious activities from entering other parts of the network by allowing local segmentation.

The PA-410 is built upon the proven PAN-OS software and offers the same benefits as the larger NGFW products. Now SMBs and distributed enterprises don’t have to compromise on security efficacy for the sake of low TCO. Other benefits include:

Zero Trust Security Delivered Through Integrated Cloud-Delivered Services

The best thing about Palo Alto Networks’ security solutions is the seamless integration of security services with the hardware. The PA-410 comes equipped with Palo Alto Networks’ latest Zero Trust security innovations such as Advanced URL Filtering and SaaS Security that not only help protect the web and applications, but also result in simple deployment and management. Learn more about the PA-400 Subscription Bundles here.

Powerful Hardware Architecture

“Scan it all, scan it once!” The Single-Pass Architecture is unique to Palo Alto Networks and eliminates latency and redundant functions that plague traditional unified threat management (UTM) architectures. This is achieved by a stream-based, uniform signature matching engine that scans traffic for all threats at once instead of depending on separate engines or proxies, thus, avoiding the introduction of latency and degradation of system performance.

The PA-400 Series also embeds cloud-based machine learning (ML) architecture to provide inline, signature-less attack prevention while identifying and stopping never before seen attacks in real time.

Easy Deployment and Management

The PA-410, like its family members, comes enabled with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), making it easier to deploy and configure at branches and remote locations. Our SD-WAN service enhances user experience for accessing SaaS and cloud applications from branch locations. Distributed enterprises can also utilize Panorama to centrally manage and configure all of Palo Alto Networks NGFW appliances deployed in various locations.

Don’t let the hackers win! Protect your branches and small offices against attacks with the small but powerful PA-400 Series ML-Powered NGFW and Cloud-Delivered Security Services.

Learn more about the PA-400 Series ML-Powered NGFW here.

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