Security Consolidation Made Easy: New PA-400 Subscription Bundles

Jul 21, 2021
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Businesses of every size and every industry are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. This is especially true today as more organizations embrace digital transformation and adopt cloud services, remote work, and mobile devices faster than ever before. While these technologies create opportunities for more agility, speed, and innovation, the benefits also come with increased security risk. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face many of the same risks as larger, distributed enterprises. In fact, smaller companies may be even more at risk because many lack the resources to proactively prevent attacks like ransomware and credential phishing, and sophisticated attacks that abuse DNS for command and control and data exfiltration. It’s critical that organizations of all sizes are secured with best-in-class security to keep up with today’s sophisticated attackers.

We recently introduced complete Zero Trust Network Security with several industry-first innovations to secure a world where any user can work anywhere without restrictions. Our new PA-400 Series ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are purpose-built to secure branch locations. These compact appliances are ideal for organizations searching for high performance security solutions that are easy to use, resilient, and affordable.

To enable easier, faster adoption of our industry-leading Cloud-Delivered Security Services and simplify procurement, we’re introducing the PA-400 Series Subscription Bundles. The PA-400 Series Subscription Bundles offer:

  • Simplified Buying Process -- With a single purchase, organizations receive multiple services for comprehensive security at each small office or branch location from the Zero Trust leader. Our bundles remove the guesswork from security procurement and facilitate faster transitions and consolidation of security tools.
  • Competitive Pricing -- Our subscription bundles are competitively priced and offer the best security possible at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). The bundles help extend our award-winning solutions to branch environments and allow SMBs to access tools and technologies they may not have been able to afford otherwise.
  • Superior Value Over the Competition -- Our all-in-one, natively integrated solution offers unmatched security for networks, IoT devices, and applications and delivers more value compared to the single point solutions and siloed security combinations from other security vendors.
Learn how the PA-400 Subscription Bundles simplify security procurement and improve security effectiveness for distributed enterprises and small offices.
Figure 1. The PA-400 Security Subscription Bundles offer comprehensive security for branches, small locations, and SMBs

There are two PA-400 Series Subscription Bundles available, Professional and Enterprise.

The Professional, or PRO Bundle, packages “security essentials” and provides customers with comprehensive network and web security capabilities. This bundle contains four essential subscriptions -- Threat Prevention, WildFire, Advanced URL Filtering, and DNS Security -- and is an ideal fit for customers looking for a robust network and web security solution that offers unmatched effectiveness.

Network Security -- The network is secured by combining Threat Prevention and WildFire.

  • Threat Prevention goes beyond the typical intrusion prevention system (IPS) to inspect all traffic for threats, regardless of port, protocol, or encryption, and automatically blocks known vulnerabilities, malware, exploits, spyware, and command-and-control. Customers can easily automate workflows to rapidly apply IPS signatures in popular formats such as Snort and Suricata and take advantage of our enhanced threat coverage.
  • WildFire leverages a global community of sensors and multiple cloud-based malware detection and analysis techniques to identify and protect against unknown file-based threats. WildFire powers inline machine learning on the firewall to prevent unknown threats and delivers unique, real-time signatures to ensure your organization is protected against additional unknown threats seconds after preventions are generated.

Web Security -- Internet access is secured by combining Advanced URL Filtering and DNS Security.

  • Advanced URL Filtering is the industry’s only inline web protection engine. This security service instantly prevents new, evasive, and targeted attacks by blocking zero-day web pages in real-time. Even more, Advanced URL Filtering is a native component of the NGFW platform. Customers only need to turn on the subscription, and they can manage it immediately through a single security policy.
  • DNS Security applies predictive analytics and machine learning to instantly block attacks that use DNS and provide real-time protection. The tight integration with our ML-Powered NGFWs prevents attackers from bypassing security measures and eliminates the need for independent tools or to make changes to DNS resolution infrastructure.

The Enterprise, or ENT Bundle, offers “all-in, comprehensive security,” the best-in-class security from Palo Alto Networks. The ENT Bundle includes everything the Professional Bundle offers. Additionally, the ENT Bundle includes IoT Security, SaaS Security, and the SD-WAN subscription to deliver local segmentation, extensive visibility and control of SaaS applications and connected devices, and an optimized end user experience at the branch.

The ENT Bundle is ideal for businesses looking to extend security across all vectors. Organizations that utilize SaaS applications or have OT/IoT devices on their network should consider upgrading their security posture with the ENT Bundle.

  • IoT Security is the industry’s most comprehensive solution delivering ML-powered device visibility, prevention, and enforcement in a single platform. IoT Security enables local segmentation of your OT/IT environment and uses machine learning with crowdsourcing to quickly and accurately discover all devices, assess risk, detect anomalies and recommend trust-based policies for enforcement. For healthcare organizations, IoT Security provides deep insights into device utilization to optimize patient care.
  • SaaS Security delivers real-time visibility and control over new applications.The service automatically discovers and controls new applications to minimize emerging shadow IT risks. SaaS Security is easy to deploy and provides data protection and compliance across all SaaS applications.
  • The SD-WAN Subscription reduces costs by supplementing MPLS with more economical broadband, LTE, and other connectivity options. Additionally, for organizations that need to make SaaS and public cloud applications accessible from branch locations, the SD-WAN Subscription enhances user experience and helps simplify operations with Panorama centralized management.

Palo Alto Networks’ Cloud-Delivered Security Services seamlessly integrate with our ML-Powered NGFWs to provide the highest security effectiveness, enable simple deployment and management from one unified user interface, and leverage a unique network effect of 80,000 customers to instantly coordinate intelligence and protection against sophisticated threats. Combined with the PA-400 Series appliances, we offer the most comprehensive and differentiated security solutions for distributed enterprise and SMBs at competitive prices.

Learn more about the PA-400 Series. Ready to test drive our ML-Powered NGFWs? Take an Ultimate Test Drive.

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