Talking with AWS about VM-Series Integrating with AWS Gateway Load Balancer

Dec 16, 2020
2 minutes

Every day, thousands of businesses use VM-Series virtual Next-Generation Firewalls to protect their AWS environments. Now these organizations can bypass many complexities of inserting virtual appliances in the cloud. 

This new video outlines how the recently-announced integration between VM-Series virtual firewalls and AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) works. During this 10 minute roundtable, Mukesh Gupta and Alex Berger at Palo Alto Networks talk with Dave Ward, Director of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Load Balancing & PrivateLink in an insightful conversation about how this collaboration accelerates VM-Series deployment on AWS. 

Watch the video to learn how this GWLB integration provides massive security scaling and performance acceleration – while bypassing the awkward complexities traditionally associated with inserting virtual appliances in public cloud environments. Plus, you’ll get information about how GWLB makes it easy to deploy, scale and manage your third-party virtual appliances on AWS.

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