Cloud-Delivered Branch Customer Story: Proampac

Feb 19, 2020
2 minutes

ProAmpac, a leading global flexible packaging company, is made up of over 30 facilities, 4,000 employees, and 5,000 customers around the world. The company approached us with an issue: providing reliable network, security, and performance at a manageable cost to their 40+ branch offices in the US and Europe. IT Infrastructure Manager Jim Gunnarson explains it this way, “With our previous Cisco WAN solution, it took more than two months to order equipment, create the configuration, and get it installed at the remote site.”

We developed a plan to implement our Autonomous SD-WANTMand CloudBlades® platform that would give ProAmpac’s worldwide remote offices high-performance access to Microsoft Azure cloud services. With this access to cloud applications, we outlined the goals of improving connectivity, performance, and user experience, making it reliable and consistent.



Since our partnership, ProAmpac reports they have increased bandwidth capacity to their branch offices, reduced dependency on MPLS, simplified WAN management to better align with business policy, and have experienced safer cloud-based security and threat prevention.

“We have remote offices across the US and Europe with most having two to three different Internet connections for redundancy and diversity,” adds Jim. “Setting up private connectivity to the cloud from each of these locations would have been extremely time consuming and a management nightmare. Microsoft Azure with CloudGenix provides seamless, high-speed connectivity to Azure for all our remote offices globally. This solution has made deploying Azure applications to the remote office a breeze – happy user experience is critical for successful IT projects. As we expand with new Azure regions and remote offices, IT has little to no ongoing administrative burdens.”

“With CloudGenix, our standard install time after we receive the equipment is less than an hour—and it doesn’t matter what type of connectivity a site has, and our connection to Azure Virtual WAN is 200 percent faster than with Cisco.” Jim Gunnarson, IT Infrastructure Manager, ProAmpac

With ProAmpac, we continue our mission to innovate and solve and customer problems. Our approach to SD-WAN is different from other players. We go beyond and give customers the ability to accurately and automatically apply app policy to ensure security, compliance, and performance across the WAN.

Read the full ProAmpac story here.

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