Cloud-Delivered Branch Customer Story: Yancy Bros

Jan 28, 2020
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Yancey Bros. Co. logoToday we’re excited to share another customer journey story. We worked with our friends at Yancey Bros. Co. to update their remote offices. The company opened its doors in Georgia in 1914 and continues to serve its customers in construction, roadbuilding, mining, agriculture, and more. The company’s divisions include machine, engine, rental engineered solutions, and bus sales and service as the Blue Bird Corp. dealership across Georgia.

Partnering together, we wanted to help the company’s IT team of 12 better support the company’s over 30 remote office sites and 1500 employees. Each remote office needs reliable network, security, voice, performance management, operational manageability, and the ability to understand the network traffic. With continued growth—acquiring, leasing, or constructing branch offices—the network gets more complicated. Steve Seidner, CIO of Yancey Bros, says, “When we acquire a branch, we likely will deal with a new network provider. In rural Georgia, for example, we may have to custom run our own fiber.”

Our first move was to replace VeloCloud SD-WAN, an offering Yancey Bros. had been using as a bundled package through their telco provider. The bundled package meant that the telco handled configuration which created problems when a VeloCloud-related outage occurred. We listened to Steve and understood that Yancey Bros. is a family-owned company and one that promotes a positive family culture. We heard from Steve that the technical team needed an SD-WAN partner who not only could deliver the technical components but understood these specific company values. According to Steve, “We dug into the weeds and thoroughly vetted CloudGenix. During initial discussions, the team really liked the CloudGenix team and the approachability of the CEO. We felt a real partnership from the beginning and decided to move forward together.”

These values are also important to us. We are proud that now Yancey Bros. is able to work with three cable providers and three major telcos. Steve’s team manages all branches easier and if a line goes down, the business does not stop.

“After a little over a year with CloudGenix, our uptime has increased significantly, and we have more control. They have proven to understand voice and application behavior and are able to adapt to changing network conditions. We have achieved our goal of not being limited to one provider. We needed high availability more than anything else, and CloudGenix has given us the secondary benefits of increasing speed and lowering cost—we have realized more than $150,000 savings moving to SD-WAN with CloudGenix.

The true beauty of CloudGenix is their excellent customer support and Kumar, the CEO, was personally involved the whole way. People aren’t numbers. When you get this level of attention and commitment from a partner, who works to understand what you need, this helps a lot. We want to know everything we can about our network data so we can adjust policies and route appropriately if needed. Understanding what’s going across the network helps overall business. CloudGenix just makes it all work smoothly.”

We look forward to continuing to support Steve and his team.

You can read more on Yancey Bros. here and watch the full story here.

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