Introducing Prisma Access Cloud Management

Mar 05, 2021
3 minutes

Too many organizations are challenged with managing fragmented security tools with disparate management solutions while attempting to ensure the best security posture. This makes managing secure remote access difficult at scale and maintaining consistent security policy enforcement feeling impossible. To make matters worse, control over what remote users can access is often inconsistent, typically differing by location. Users accessing applications from public Wi-Fi and unsecured devices are often granted the same level of access as users behind the firewall. This presents several security risks that can result in new points of exposure to attackers. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: cloud management.

It’s clear that now, more than ever, organizations need to keep mobile users and remote networks secure. That’s why Palo Alto Networks is continuously improving the security management experience so organizations can successfully deploy Prisma Access and provide enhanced security for their users – wherever they are.

Prisma Access Cloud Management provides a unified management experience to simplify the deployment and management of Prisma Access. The cloud-delivered service enables consistent management across the full lifecycle of deployment—from easy onboarding to day-to-day policy management—all while providing comprehensive visibility and security best practice recommendations. Managing secure remote access has never been easier.

What’s New?

With Prisma Access 2.0, the cloud management platform offers several key features that organizations can leverage for a better management experience for Prisma Access at scale, with greater efficiency and better security outcomes.

  • Easy Onboarding

Network and security administrators can do everything from onboarding mobile users to deploying the network infrastructure to managing configuration for their entire deployment, all through a unified cloud management portal. Streamlined onboarding allows organizations to get more value from day one with simplified workflows and out-of-the-box default configurations based on practices.

  • Simplified Day-to-Day Configuration Management

Admins can now enable security features with ease by efficiently configuring security policies, services, and other capabilities within a single workflow to complete complex configuration tasks. With simplified workflows, administrators save time and reduce manual effort for day-to-day configuration management.

  • Built-in Best Practice Assessments

With built-in best practices, Prisma Access Cloud Management is able to continuously assess your organization’s configuration against security best practices and provide real-time recommendations to help improve security posture.

  • Comprehensive Visibility

Prisma Access Cloud Management provides comprehensive visibility and digital experience management across the entire deployment. Administrators can leverage and share predefined reports for application usage, network utilization, and user activity. In addition, administrators have access to detailed logs across Prisma Access deployments for comprehensive insights into traffic, threat, authentication, and system logs.

Putting it Together

Our new cloud management platform provides a cloud-delivered unified management experience for Prisma Access to streamline configuration, improve security posture, reporting, and digital experience monitoring. With a robust management solution, administrators can easily onboard Prisma Access and implement security controls down to the end-user device, network, or application level, no matter where users or applications are located. Organizations can leverage actionable insights to improve security effectiveness, with access to comprehensive visibility into all applications, users, and threats.

Register for the Prisma Access 2.0 Virtual Launch Event on March 17 and 18 to learn more.


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