Prisma Access: SASE Architected for Unprecedented Security and Scale

Nov 09, 2020
3 minutes

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There’s no doubt that the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) space is hot right now! As organizations look for the right long-term solution in this post-COVID world, there are vast differences to consider in terms of security capabilities and the ability for SASE solutions to scale based on demand. 

Palo Alto Networks purpose-built the cloud-native Prisma Access service, and when combined with CloudGenix SD-WAN we deliver the industry’s most comprehensive SASE platform. Prisma Access leverages our industry-leading security capabilities and the near-infinite scale of the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform public clouds. This enables us to provide more than 100 locations across 76 countries for users to connect to and offers the ability to rapidly and automatically add more as user populations shift.

We have spent more than a decade perfecting our single-pass security processing architecture and our cloud-delivered security services that our 75,000+ enterprise customers know and love. The result is ultra-fast security processing within our cloud, with security processing SLAs that are 10x better than our nearest competitor.

We’re really proud to have been able to support some of the largest organizations in the world to scale their remote access capacity as a result of the COVID pandemic, like PwC, who scaled to 225,000 remote workers with no business interruptions, Schlumberger, who went from 25,000 to 85,000 remote users in a matter of days with Prisma Access and Flex, who rarely had remote workers before COVID and suddenly had to secure 20,000 remote workers in days to ensure manufacturing operations were not disrupted.

The sudden and unexpected need to support massive amounts of remote workers places tremendous strain on security infrastructure that was not optimized for rapid scale. At Palo Alto Networks, we carefully built an architecture that we knew could deliver comprehensive security and access from a single platform, with the scale and agility that our customers require. COVID-19 has been the biggest test for all SASE providers, and we are pleased that we could scale to support our customers in this time of need.

Recently, Okta reported in their Work from Home study that Palo Alto Networks had the fastest-growing remote access solution on their platform when the pandemic hit. As you can see in the Okta report, we grew almost 7x faster than our nearest competitor. But at the end of the day, Prisma Access is a service, and like all services, it is real-world results that matter most. 

To learn more about how Prisma Access is helping organizations secure their remote workforces, please visit our website:

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