Realizing the Best ROI for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Return on investment. ROI. It’s something every C-level wants to know before, during and after purchasing expensive technology solutions. This goes for SD-WAN solutions as well. In most cases, ROI takes precedence in the decision making process compared to the network, cloud and branch transformation benefits SD-WAN has to offer. A cloud-delivered next generation SD-WAN approach delivers simplified management and deployment at scale to reduce costs and operational complexity. Our ROI calculator reveals that Prisma SD-WAN solution can produce an ROI of up to 228% over three years across cost and operations. See how a next-gen SD-WAN solution can make a difference for your organization.

Discover 228% ROI with Next-Gen SD-WAN

The manual operations required to manage legacy SD-WAN consume a lot of time. Finding ways to offload routine tasks with automation gives that time back to your staff. A next-generation SD-WAN solution, like Prisma SD-WAN, offers benefits such as automation in a way that legacy SD-WAN simply can’t match.

The Palo Alto Networks SASE ROI calculator provides realized cost savings and benefits for a complete security and SD-WAN solution (SASE), or security and SD-WAN only. The following numbers were calculated through the ROI calculator assuming only SD-WAN investment:

Large Enterprises have globally distributed branch locations and are constantly expanding with acquisitions and mergers that makes their infrastructure diverse and negatively impact ROI. Prisma SD-WANs cloud-delivered model enables branch transformation at scale with automation and can save up to 267% ROI over 3 years and realize 97% WAN hardware and connectivity cost reduction (assuming 50,000 - 100,000 employees, 50% remote workers and 2,500 branch offices). Realizing they have the most to gain with a next gen SD-WAN solution can expedite their digital transformation efforts while future-proofing their investments. Case in point is, who selected Prisma SD-WAN, the industry’s first next-generation SD-WAN solution, delivering an ROI of up to 241%.

Mid-sized companies can also save up to 227% ROI over 3 years and realize 94% WAN hardware & connectivity cost reduction (assuming 10,000 - 50,000 employees). Even SMBs with 1,000 employees can save up to 70% ROI over 3 years and realize 81% WAN hardware & connectivity cost reduction.

For businesses like retail, delivering the best user experience translates to customer retention and increased revenues which inturn is an ROI. Check out how Aaron’s experienced a 99% reduction of trouble tickets for the WAN by employing Prisma SD-WAN.

Don’t Forget about Security

Enhancing your WAN with SD-WAN is great, but without security your users and data are constantly exposed to ever increasing threat landscape. A SASE solution converges networking and security services into one cloud platform, ensuring protection to users no matter where they are located. Prisma SASE is the industry’s most complete SASE solution, converging network security, SD-WAN, and Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) into a single cloud-delivered service. With Prisma SASE, organizations can realize security cost reduction of up to 30% and improve security efficiencies of up to 45%. See how much you can save with a SD-WAN solution or SASE solution using the ROI Calculator now.

The Prisma SASE ROI Calculator was commissioned by Palo Alto Networks and developed by the Forrester Consulting group who gathered data and interviewed Prisma SASE customers. The calculator provides a real life financial model for organizations looking to purchase a standalone SD-WAN, network security solution or a complete SASE solution.