Cortex XSOAR Marketplace’s Top Contributors for April - June 2023!

Jul 06, 2023
3 minutes

Cortex XSOAR is proud to run the most innovative and comprehensive SOAR Marketplace in the security space. With more than 990 content packs to choose from, security teams can connect products based on their unique environments for the ideal autonomous SOC. Of course, the XSOAR Marketplace could not shine as brightly without the diversity of its contributors. From Core R&D and customer-facing teams to all of our partner companies and especially the community, so many people have taken time to make our Marketplace robust and varied. 

We would like to take a moment to recognize and appreciate all of the individual contributors that work to make the Marketplace better and more diverse. Whether submitting documentation fixes or entire content packs, many individuals work hard to keep our Marketplace top-notch.

Without further ado, we would like to countdown the top three contributors for the second quarter of 2023!

Enes Özdemir

Enes is a man of many talents. As a SOAR engineer at Adeo, he makes dozens of additions to various XSOAR automation packs, including new functionality in Jira, Slack, M365 Defender, Cortex XDR, and fixing defects in Carbon Black EDR and CrowdStrike Falcon. His impact on the Cortex Marketplace has been enormous. As one of the most prolific contributors to the Marketplace to date, Enes has more than two dozen unique contributions!

Check out his LinkedIn profile and GitHub profile.

Cedric Roth

Cedric from Deutsche Bahn is a Cortex XSOAR customer with a strong programming background that he has applied to advancing SOAR automation. He re-worked our SkyHigh Secure Web Gateway offering, which had diverged from the McAfee portfolio. He revamped the old Javascript offering to Python, alongside adding new functionality. Cedric is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Check out his GitHub profile.

Josh Levine

Josh is a solution architect working with strategic accounts in North America. Josh is an automation advocate who is constantly sharing ideas and building automations  for lowering customer mean time to respond (MTTR) using Cortex XSOAR. He recently upgraded the Netmiko pack for certification, by making sure it matched our coding standards, as well as providing full documentation and a testing framework for it.

Check out his LinkedIn profile and GitHub profile.


Thank you so much Enes, Cedric, and Josh, for all your contributions these last few months!

To see all of our incredible contributors, please check the Top Contributor Page. Interested in impacting the Marketplace? Take a look at our open issues.

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