New Cloud Location Innovates and Strengthens Presence in Indonesia

Jul 01, 2024
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Palo Alto Networks has introduced its new cloud location in Indonesia, providing local businesses with direct access to a comprehensive suite of top-tier cybersecurity solutions. This strategic investment supports the ambitious growth of Indonesian businesses while helping to meet their data location needs.

Bringing an innovative, in-country cloud infrastructure enables local enterprises to store their data logs within Indonesian borders. In turn, they benefit from low-latency access with shorter delay times, which enhances their efficiency in handling data-intensive tasks.

Strengthening Indonesia’s Data Security with AI-Driven Security Operations and Cloud Security

By delivering the most complete set of security services through a range of next-generation cybersecurity solutions, such as Prisma Cloud, Cortex XDR, XSOAR, Xpanse and XSIAM, organizations in Indonesia can improve their threat prevention capabilities. Cortex empowers security teams to react swiftly, enabling even faster response times and facilitating prompt and decisive actions against emerging threats.

Backed by the complete suite of Palo Alto Networks security services, local businesses can strengthen the overall resilience of their data security framework, speed up threat detection and response capabilities, automate the management of attack surfaces, and move toward an AI-driven and highly automated SOC.

With Prisma Cloud, local businesses can accelerate innovation by easily integrating security from code to cloud, all while accommodating data residency regulations.

The Significance of This Launch for Indonesian Businesses

According to The State of Cloud-Native Security Report 2024, a staggering 98% of organizations store sensitive data across multiple locations, and many of these organizations are aware of the security challenges that they face.

A robust cloud framework is vital to support the growth of Indonesia’s evolving digital economy, which is expected to add up to $2.8 trillion to the Indonesian economy by 2040. The shift to the cloud is particularly significant for the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector. Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), the financial regulator in the country, introduced regulatory standards in December 2022 that mandate that IT must be backed by reliable technology, to help ensure secure and routine oversight of sensitive financial data.

Securing Indonesia’s Digital Landscape

As Indonesia’s organizations look to augment their digital applications and embrace new opportunities in the cloud, identifying and preventing cyberthreats will become a lot more challenging, demanding advanced technologies in addition to extensive time and resources.

The launch of a cloud location by Palo Alto Networks within Indonesia’s borders is a major step forward in securing the country’s digital future. With local access to the full breadth of our robust security capabilities, organizations in Indonesia can help meet their data residency needs and securely manage data while prioritizing security compliance and data privacy requirements.

The Road Ahead

Palo Alto Networks understands that secure and compliant cloud infrastructure is critical for the continued growth of Indonesia’s economy. The investment in a local cloud location positions Palo Alto Networks as a key player in Indonesia’s evolving cloud landscape, furthering our commitment to meeting Indonesian businesses' in-country data requirements.

With our flexible services hosted in a secure cloud infrastructure within Indonesia’s borders, we are uniquely positioned to secure the digital future of the country.

Learn More About Cortex

You can read the press release or find out more about how Cortex and Prisma Cloud can help secure your digital transformation.

Investing in local cloud infrastructure is part of Palo Alto Networks continued commitment to supporting customers' local data requirements. For more information, read more about the regional cloud locations by Palo Alto Networks.




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