Protect Your Network from IoT Devices By Using Cortex XSOAR and Sepio Systems

Hardware BYOD and IoT devices are convenient and can help reduce costs for an enterprise when leveraged to automate processes, improve service, reduce waste, and track user transactions. The downside to this shift in technology is that these IoT devices require access to the corporate network in order to operate, typically resulting in up to double the amount of perimeter entry points to secure from attack by cyber criminals.

The massive influx of BYOD and IoT devices is resulting in many organizations having a difficult time keeping up with all the connections to their data and systems infrastructure. This lack of visibility greatly increases the chances of these different devices being used as an attack vector. The problem is amplified when security teams grapple with understanding how to properly secure the continuously changing variety of personal and IoT devices quickly enough to prevent the erosion of the organization’s endpoint security posture.

Paired with the power of Cortex XSOAR, Sepio Systems HAC-1 provides enterprises with full visibility for every type of device connected to your corporate infrastructure and uncovers the hidden hardware attacks operating over your network and USB interfaces. Sepio’s integrated content pack identifies, detects, and controls all peripherals. Having visibility across all IT assets provides your SOC with a more comprehensive defense strategy to greatly reduce the risk of a hardware attack being successful.

With the insight from the HAC-1 content pack now available in the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, your SOC can leverage the full automation and orchestration capabilities of Cortex XSOAR to mitigate IoT and BYOD risks and address associated compliance requirements. Cortex XSOAR playbooks enable automatic retrieval and mitigation of any high risk device identified by Sepio for simplified security management and rapid incident response.

Utilizing Sepio’s hardware risk scoring system and Cortex XSOAR playbooks, you can automate better policy enforcement across the devices that access your network and streamline the process of providing valuable supply chain data to relevant business stakeholders.

Efficiently mitigate hardware threats and maximize your visibility with the integration between Cortex XSOAR and Sepio Systems!

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