Build end-to-end security controls

Embedding security early in the software development lifecycle requires controls that are automatable and API-driven.

Prisma™ provides open security APIs and automated security controls that integrate into your CI/CD pipelines.

Why Prisma for securing DevOps

Use open APIs

Open APIs make it easy to consume security services and integrate security checks early in your software development lifecycle.


Automate security checks of infrastructure as code (IaC) in your CI/CD pipeline.

Reduce risk from the get-go

Get proactive and mitigate risk with continuous security checks and monitoring from development to production.

Featured Services

Vulnerability Scan API

Scan container images for known vulnerabilities and address them early in development. Use the Prisma™ Cloud Scanning API service in your development environment and CI/CD pipeline.
Scan your container images

IaC Scan API

Perform security checks for infrastructure-as-code templates against built-in best practices and benchmarks. Use the Prisma Cloud Scanning API service to detect and fix unsecured configurations in your IaC templates during the pre-deployment phase.
Validate your IaC templates

Prisma Cloud

Continuously monitor for policy violations and misconfigurations across your production deployments. Prisma Cloud service ensures all your cloud assets meet security and compliance requirements continuously.
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Integrate Security into Your Toolchain

Easily integrate the Prisma offerings seamlessly into your development and DevOps Processes. See how